Discounted Surfboard Waiting-list | Mineral Surfboards

This is it. Here is where the magic starts. Help us make the most out of your needs and fill in the info below.
*Important note! Please remember that we are in process of installing and fine-tuning our CNC Machine, so we won't start shaping your board until we got everything working smoothly. We appreciate your patience!

In the meantime, and once we get your info, we'll get in touch to confirm that we understand the board you want, we'll let you know how much time you can expect to wait for, how to arrange payments, shipping details, and we'll walk you through our design and building process!

The adventure begins. Then, your board will enter the cooking process, we'll bake it with care and precision. It will go in the oven and soon you'll be riding it like there's no tomorrow.

Thank you.
- The Mineral Team.
* indicates required
Specify the country you'd like your Mineral surfboard to be delivered to. Please remember we don't take care of shipping costs and you'll have to pay for them.
Please let us know what are your ideal surfboards measurements. (example: 6"2 x 19" x 2 3/8")
If there's anything else you'd want us to know so far, don't hesitate in lettings us know here.
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